Aleppo-style Soap
Aleppo-style Soap

Aleppo-style Soap

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Dating back more than a thousand years, and possibly the first ever created, this natural, highly moisturizing, cleansing soap was born in Aleppo, Syria. Known for it's antibacterial properties and skin-healing benefits for all ages and skin types, "ghar" soap (aka laurel berry) has been highly sought after in many parts of the world. Since 2011, family-run artisan soap factories have been forced to shut down and re-locate to other countries due to regional conflicts and war. And because my ancestors actually come from Aleppo, Syria, I'm honored to bring you my Aleppo-style soap...

The ingredients for these soothing, hypo-allergenic soaps are:
Saponified oils of olive and laurel berry. Nothing else. The ratio of olive to laurel berry is 75:25.

The natural scent is best described as herbaceous and clean. It's subtle, but it is delicious. 

These soaps have cured for over one year. Yes, patience is a virtue, and these soaps were well worth the wait. 

2 sizes offered:
4-4.5 oz. 
5-6+ oz.

Please limit purchases of these soaps to no more than 2 per order due to the extremely long production time. Note: we will never sell soap that hasn't been fully cured.

These soaps will last you a long time, but don't let them sit in water between uses to maximize their longevity. And if not using right away, store in the open air if possible; they will not go bad, in fact, they only get better with age!

(If you're wondering why we call them "Aleppo-style soaps" and not Aleppo Soaps, it's simply because we're based in Chicago, IL and not Aleppo, Syria.)